FSM Parents

We know life is crazy. The list of demands on every family seems to grow weekly.

Our desire isn't to add more to your schedules, but to work with you to lead and challenge your junior high or high school students to experience God's REAL LOVE, find REAL LIFE in Christian community and discipleship, and to love the REAL PEOPLE around them every day.

Our mission and strategy are simple... REAL LOVE, LIFE, & PEOPLE.

There will be a few times throughout the year we encourage your students to be a part of events in addition to our weekly gatherings on Wednesday nights.

While these events might require additional resources or time from your students and family, you have our promise... your family's success and spiritual growth is our number one priority.

Any event we encourage your students to be apart of will accomplish one or more of these three goals...

  1. Development of Christian community

  2. Discipleship/serving

  3. Impactful worship/teaching experiences.

If you have any questions, click here.

We look forward to partnering with you! We believe in you and your family!

Pastor Micah Reynolds


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Release Forms

Medical and liability release forms are needed for every trip or event and must be updated annually.